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Top Bay Area Solar Installers

china-solar-companySolar energy is important to save electricity and cut cost. In order to cope with the increasing need, many solar companies launched in the United States. For example, the First Solar is the well-known market leaders in the United States that provide services and products. In the Bay Area, there are a lot of solar energy companies providing the service. Recent research from the San Francisco Business Times ranks the top Bay Area solar installers in terms of capitalization in stock market. Below we will rank the Bay Area Solar Companies.

 Terrafix Solarpark Inc.

The Terrafix Solarpark Inc. is the market leader for the solar energy system. With rich experience in solar energy system, the Solarpark helps to provide options from small to large scale power plants. They have already completed more than 300 projects in Europe, like Germany, Denmark, England, Italy and Spain. More than 50 projects have been installed in the North America.Continue Reading